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Beat the Bulge! Issue #002 -- Your Questions Answered
November 16, 2010

Want to lose weight before the holidays?
It's no coincidence that with the holiday season fast approaching, the most popular page on the site at the moment is How to Lose Belly Fat

I don't have a magic wand to waft away your extra poundage, but I can offer helpful advice on healthy eating, effective exercising and much-needed de-stressing to help you shed some surplus poundage before the festive feasting begins.

Please tell me about you
I'm curious about the visitors to my site, and want to make sure I serve your needs by covering the topics you care about most.

Please take a few minutes to complete my simple online survey , and tell me what you'd like to see on Beat Menopause Weight Gain.

Questions you're asking about menopausal weight gain
- How long does menopause insomnia last?
- How many calories a day for a woman of 51?
- How to lose droopy sides of tummy?
...just a few of the questions you've been asking lately.

To ask your own question, go to Menopause Weight Loss FAQ and fill in the simple form.

Until next happy in your body!


Beat Menopause Weight Gain

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