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Beat the Bulge! Issue 3 Make Your Healthy Resolutions for New Year
January 03, 2011

Happy New Year!

I love this quote about losing weight, by Michael Liebman, Professor of Nutrition, University of Wyoming. He said: "The bottom line is learning to make subtle lifestyle changes that can be maintained indefinitely. It's not glitzy."

And he is so right. The key to menopausal weight loss is to take a holistic approach, and New Year is a great time to start making those subtle changes.

This month, resolve to:

- Review your diet and start to include healthier foods, every day. Don't attempt to make big dietary changes all at one. Switch one item at a time, slow and steady.

- Explore exercise options and aim to try one new form of exercise this month. Take it gently to begin with. The most common cause of injury is going at it over-enthusiastically when you start out. Work within your own limits and increase the pace slowly. You'll be surprised at how well you make progress in this way.

- Relieve stress and make this the year that your life becomes calmer. Unresolved stress triggers hormones that urge your body to lay down fat around the middle. Beat them at their own game, by easing the stresses in your life - ask others to share the load, shed unnecessary responsibilities, and try soothing techniques like yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Once again, make this a year-long project and try one strategy at a time.

Pay attention to diet, exercise and stress and make it a priority to introduce those health-giving, life-enhancing changes. You'll see and feel the difference very soon, which will encourage you to carry on.

If you have questions about any aspect of menopausal weight gain, please ask them here: Menopause Weight Loss FAQ. I'll do my best to answer.

Until next time...wishing you a happy, healthy 2011. Be happy in your body!


Beat Menopause Weight Gain

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