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Beat the Bulge! Ezine from Beat Menopause Weight Gain
January 31, 2011

A while ago I asked readers to complete a short survey, telling me what they'd like to see on the site. (It's not too late to complete the survey now, if you haven't already done so).

In response to the topics that interest you, I've added a new page on natural and herbal remedies for menopause.

Sad to say, there is precious little evidence to show that costly herbal remedies actually do work. But there are many other approaches to try, from meditation and yoga to acupuncture and massage. I hope you'll find something that helps you, on your path through the menopausal years.

Until next happy in your body!


If you have questions about any aspect of menopausal weight gain, please ask them here: Menopause Weight Loss FAQ. and I'll do my best to answer.

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