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Beat the Bulge! Issue #001 -- Slenderise for Spring!
May 10, 2010

At long last Spring is here - although if you live in the chilly UK, that's debatable. But with milder weather and lighter evenings this is a great time of year to get some more exercise into your life - which is one sure way to help keep menopausal weight gain at bay.

This month I'm adding lots of info to Beat Menopause Weight Gain about different types of aerobic exercise. Doing the energetic stuff is good for lifting your mood, helps protect you against all kinds of ailments and health conditions, and is brilliant for burning up calories and helping you shift any post-winter flab. You'll find help and inspiration to get you walking, running, skipping (jumping rope) or bouncing around on a mini-trampoline.

Don't forget though that for us mid-life ladies, good as it is to work up a sweat with a regular aerobic session, you really must add strength training exercises as well.

Strengthen your muscles and you'll burn energy more efficiently and develop a figure that's more toned and streamlined. Don't worry, you won't end up looking like a body-builder. What you're doing is simply making yourself fitter and stronger for midlife and beyond - ensuring that you won't end up as frail old lady.

Until next happy in your body!


Beat Menopause Weight Gain

PS: Got questions about menopausal weight gain? Ask them here: Menopause Weight Loss FAQ.

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