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Why Your Waist May Be Expanding As You Sleep - And The Cure
November 15, 2011

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15 November 2011

And no, I don't mean the gentle (or not-so-gentle) rumbling of your partner's snoring. It's not just men who can push up the ZZZZZZZs - we ladies can snore up a storm as well, and it can ruin our sleep AND wreck our waistlines.

60% of menopausal and peri-menopausal women report problems with sleep, and snoring can start to become a real problem as we approach menopause.
There may be hormonal reasons, or it could just be that our throat muscles become slacker with age,

Either way, lose sleep and you feel stressed, de-energised and in low spirits. And it's not just mood that's affected. Crucially, broken sleep prompts the body to produce cortisol the hormone that lays down fat around the midriff.

Snoring = broken sleep = cortisol = more belly fat. It's as simple as that.

What's the solution to snoring? My friend Liz Horne offers a product that's proven to cure snoring. The Snorefemme mouldable mouthguard is a discreet device you pop into your mouth before sleeping, and it effectively stops the snoring!

The Snorefemme is available worldwide and Liz is on hand 7 days a week to offer unsurpassed customer support. Click here to find out more and order your Snorefemme.


Do you have flights of stairs in your home, at your workplace or on your daily route? Set yourself the goal of climbing those stairs, and you'll soon reap the health benefits.

Employees at Duke University NC have been encouraged to Take the Stairs to lose weight and improve cardiovascular fitness, because climbing stairs is easy and it uses more calories per minute than jogging or cycling at a moderate pace on level ground.

You can fit stair-climbing in at intervals during the day. And even if you only climb two flights a day, you could lose 6lb over the course of year.

Regularly climbing stairs makes your legs stronger, lowers your cholesterol levels and is associated with better bone density in post-menopausal women.

Make climbing stairs part of your daily routine. Find out other tactics that can help you avoid weight gain in menopause.


Eat red, purple and blue fruits to get the powerful antioxidants that can help reduce the effects of aging. Fill up your cart with blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, plums and get a little healthy colour into your life.

Scatter berries over cereal, enjoy with low fat yogurt for dessert, add to smoothies and salads, pop a handful into your lunchbox or use as a healthy any-time snack.

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Have a great month and, as always... happy in your body!

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