You Can Beat Menopause Weight Gain!
How To Lose Menopause Belly Fat and Apple Shaped Body

Has menopause weight gain happened to you?

  • are those extra pounds creeping on around your middle?
  • do you suddenly need the next size up?
  • does your shape look somehow...different?

Calling mid-life women...

Weight gain in menopause can sneak up without you noticing, until one day you put on your favourite jeans...and the zip won't fasten to the top. That's when you need to take action.

This site is dedicated to helping you beat menopausal weight gain and have a happy and healthy transition through the change of life.

As a mid-life woman, you're often busy, sometimes stressed - and the last thing you need is a ballooning waistline.

Mature woman eating salad

This site takes a holistic approach to your menopausal wellbeing - because the answers lie not just in eating right and exercising well. It's also vital to reduce the stresses and strains and find a happy acceptance of the changes in your body.

The menopausal years herald an exciting and fulfilling phase of maturity in your life. Pay attention to diet, exercise and overall wellbeing, and you'll be much better placed to have a healthy, toned body through menopause - and beyond.

This site gives you:

Follow the tips and ideas on this site, and feel great as you beat menopause weight gain.

Get the Healthy Eating Habit and Lose Weight For Ever
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Meet Our Doctor!

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