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Can Facebook Help You Lose Weight?
November 28, 2011

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28 November 2011

Share Your Weight Loss Goals - Selectively

Can Facebook help you lose weight?

Research from Temple University found that students who were given access to weight loss tips and podcasts via Facebook and could text a weight-loss expert for personalised tips, lost more weight than students who didn't have the extra back-up.

But Dr. Peter Gollwitzer, a professor of psychology at New York University, advises caution, when it comes to sharing your weight loss goals.

Some friends and loved-ones make prefer you to stay just as you are - especially if they too want to lose weight, but aren't tackling their problem.

If that's the case, they could have a vested interest in undermining your efforts with comments like, 'I preferred it when you were plump and cuddlesome...'.

The key to success lies in finding just one or two people who share your aims, or who can wholeheartedly support you, and tell them how much weight you intend to lose, and how you're going to do it, then ask for their encouragement to keep you focussed.

Conquer the Winter Blues with Your Diet

Shorter, darker days can it harder to keep your spirits raised.

The Seasonal Affective Disorder Association (SADA) say that eating the right foods and keeping a balanced diet can make you feel happier and more content during the darker months of the year.

It's all down to tryptophan, found in eggs, milk, fish, nuts, bananas, dates, oats, chocolate and other foods. This substance kick-starts the happiness hormone, serotonin, and helps you feel more cheerful, even in the depths of winter.

Another trick is to eat wholemeal foods like bread and pasta. These contain complex carbohydrates which release their energy slowly instead of in a burst, and help you to stay upbeat and focussed all day.

Get Better Sleep With Valerian

Research from the University of Tehran found that the herbal remedy valerian can help women who have problems sleeping, during the menopause.

One drawback of the trial is that there's no research into the effects of using valerian in the longterm.

If you struggle to sleep, we have plenty of strategies for tackling menopausal insomnia which you can use to help get a good night's shut-eye, and that don't include taking any kind of medication.

That's it for November. Until next time, happy in your body!

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