Discover the Benefits of Strength Training for Menopausal Women



The fantastic benefits of strength training for women in midlife - and beyond - are definitely under-recognised.

Yet developing a body with plenty of strong muscle, and a lot less of the flab has multiple advantages, especially as you get older.

Maybe you think you're 'fit enough'. You already walk every day, you often take a bike ride and you never miss your step aerobics class.

That's fantastic, and you're doing your heart a lot of favours. But how strong are you?

You could be doing four or five sessions of different types of aerobic exercise every week, but lack enough muscle to lift the lightest dumbbell on the rack.

And that's why you need to add strength training to your cocktail of exercises. To build your all-important strength as you go through the years of menopause, and out the other side.

What are the benefits of strength training?

40 year old woman with dumbbell There are so many, it's hard to know where to start!
  • Strength training exercises help you lose fat faster, because muscle burns fat round the clock. The more muscle you have, the better your metabolism and the easier it becomes to shift that menopausal weight gain.
  • A well-toned body with less flab looks more slender and attractive.
  • A leaner body looks younger and gives you confidence.
  • Losing fat and gaining muscle is great for your longterm health. There are many compelling health reasons to lose weight.
  • Exercise is good for your mood and helps tackle other symptoms of menopause
  • The stronger you are, the less likely that you'll lose mobility as you age. A muscular body helps you to stay independent and active, well into the long term.

Go for it

Are you worried about starting weight training? Please, don't be. You won't sprout bulging biceps and enormous pecs - you'll simply look tauter and more toned.

Even if you're never so much as held a dumbbell in your hand before, you'll be able to do this. You can start with the very lowest weight, and work up gradually. You'll be surprised and pleased how quickly your strength will increase.

And never, ever think that you're 'too old'. Weight training has been shown to help even people in their nineties to become stronger. Gaining strength can only be a good thing, whatever age you are.

You don't have to go to the gym, either. Some inexpensive strength training equipment is all you need to exercise in peace and privacy at home.

Once you begin to fully understand the wonderful benefits of strength training, you'll wonder why you waited so long to begin.

But it's not too late - ever. Resolve to start building that muscle today! <

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Facts about menopause

As your muscle mass dwindles, so does your strength, sliding by 15% every decade past 50.

But don't despair! With strength training you can regain every last bit of that lost muscle.


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