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Home exercise equipment can be very tempting, but it pays to think hard before you part with any hard-earned cash in your bid to DO SOMETHING about your menopausal weight gain.

There certainly are advantages to owning some pieces of home fitness gear. You don't have to join a gym, you can fit in a spot of exercise whenever it suits you, and can spend as long as you like on any one activity without feeling that there's a queue forming behind you...

But hang on a minute, before you splash out on a lovely shiny set of weights, or a cute little rebounder. Have a look through this checklist, and make sure you're choosing the purchase that's right for you.

Home exercise equipment checklist

Woman in forties exercisingHave a think about these questions. They may help you to clarify the best buying decision.

What do you want to achieve?

What are your fitness goals? If you don't have any, now's the time to plan some. Are you looking for weight loss, more strength, better stamina?

Most equipment targets one or two specific areas, so do a bit of research and find out which items would be best suited to help you achieve your fitness dreams.

Do you actually enjoy the activity you'll be doing with your chosen equipment? If the activity doesn't appeal outside of the gym, you're not likely to love it as part of a new exercise program.

If you hate walking, for instance, stay off the treadmill and try an exercise bike instead. Don't like anything complicated? A simple step, or a skipping rope could fit the bill for you.

What kind of exercise is best?

Include aerobic and strength training exercise in your routine for the best results.

Will you use your home exercise equipment?

Promise? It's so easy to buy something in a fit of enthusiasm, only to consign it to the junk cupboard six weeks later, when you're bored.

What kind of person are you? If you're an obsessive goal-setter, who usually sees things through, then you'll probably find the motivation you'll need to exercise at home.

If you're a more easy-going individual, always looking for something new and with half-finished projects scattered round your home, you might be better off using equipment at the gym, where you can switch to a new exercise experience any time you feel like a change.

Have you ever tried the item you're thinking of purchasing? Yes, no doubt the advertising shots do make it look easy, but until you've had a go yourself you can't know if you'll grow to love the activity enough to get your money's worth of use.

Is this item the right choice?

Make sure that any purchase you're considering would be safe and suitable for you to use.

When will you find time to use your home exercise equipment? If the answer's a vague, 'at weekends', your purchase could soon be gathering dust. Try to specify definite, regular time slots that you know you can keep free.

Will anyone else in your household use it? Could you end up fighting for your 15 minutes - or might this be the start of a great new fitness drive for the entire family?

Do you have space?

Sounds obvious, but it's easy to underestimate the area you'll need to erect and use your fitness aids. Get the tape measure out you before you buy.

What's your budget?

Decide on this BEFORE you shop, lest temptation lead you astray... If you buy new, check out the warranty. Or consider looking for secondhand home exercise equipment. It's often on sale in the late spring, when the New Year fitness fever had worn off. Look in the local press, or try eBay.

Whatever you decide, make up your mind to ENJOY using your home exercise equipment. Start out with a positive mindset, and you're much more likely to stay the course.

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Exercise facts

Don't be conned into believing ads that promise 'spot reduction'.

Even with targetted exercise, you have to lose weight all over, before you'll see any streamlining of your belly.


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