Top Treadmills - Find the Best Home Treadmills for Your Workouts

Consider investing in one of the top treadmills that you can use at home, whenever you like, if fitness walking or jogging feels like a good way to improve your health during the menopausal years and beyond.


Having a treadmill in your house or apartment can make it easier to stick with your exercise program even if the weather is bad outside or you don't have quite enough time to make it to your local health club. Some people even set their treadmills up near a television so that they can exercise while they watch their favorite shows. Whichever way you choose, owning a treadmill can help you exercise more regularly and keep menopausal weight gain at bay.

Choosing the best treadmills

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The best treadmill purchase is the one that you'll actually use. Price is a consideration of course, but you need to make sure that you get a good piece of equipment regardless of your budget. The first thing to do is identify which kinds of features are most important to you, and look for treadmills that match your needs.

Some of the features are for convenience, such as fold up treadmills. If your exercise space is limited, then it might be important to have a hinged walking surface that you can raise off the floor when not in use. If you're pushed for space, you could look for a small treadmill.

Other models have wireless heart rate monitor features, which can help you keep your exercise level where you want it, and can also help motivate you to increase your effort on days when it might otherwise be difficult. If you enjoy working that bit harder, take a look at the incline treadmills on the market.

Other features can make working out safer for you. Some treadmills have handrails for you to hold onto as you walk, which can be a great help for some. Certain treadmill models also have a safety card or key that plugs into the console, and is connected with a cord or string that clips to your shirt. If your body moves too far back on the treadmill deck, or if you happen to fall, then the cord pulls the key out of the console, and the motor stops.

The top treadmills have at least one of these features, and many treadmills have most or all of them. In large part, the number of features depends on how much you're willing and able to spend. As with many products, there are very good treadmills available at different price levels.

The best price treadmills begin at around $900 or $1,000. If you're looking for a cheap treadmill, a better option is to buy a used treadmill.

Consumer Reports selected several different top treadmill as being among the best available.

  • The Sole F63 treadmill is rated a Best Buy with its $1,000 price tag. The Sole F63 is a folding treadmill that can go up to 12 mph (very fast!), and can be adjusted to an incline of up to 13%.
    • Nordic Track Treadmills are well worth considering. See our feature on the Nordic Track c2000 Treadmill.
    • The Bowflex 7-series treadmill, which costs about $1,500, has a very large display, and a running surface that's 5 feet long. This can be a great benefit for runners who may feel cramped on a smaller treadmill.
    • Another Best Buy is the Precor 9.31 treadmill, which is a top-of-the-line treadmill that's just about as good as anything you'll find in most health clubs and gyms. The exceptional quality comes at a higher price, of course, as this treadmill sells for around $3,000.

    Just about all of the top treadmills are available for purchase on line, and many of them will also be available through your local sporting goods store.

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