Finding the Best Walking Shoes for Women

Finding walking shoes for women that suit your needs is not as easy as you might expect. If you're a serial shoe collector with picky tastes, choosing the right pair may prove almost impossible - you either want them all, or none of them seem right.


Walking provides an excellent form of exercise when you're going through menopause, and you can even lose weight walking if you pick the right regime.

Choosing the best women's walking shoe for your needs makes all the difference to how much you enjoy your walks, and how motivated you are to continue. But there are so many features talked up by shoe company marketing that it's hard to know what really matters in a good walking shoe. This article will try to clear up some of the confusion.

How to Shop for Walking Shoes

In your quest to find the best women's walking shoes, you should keep these factors in mind:

  • Shop somewhere where you can compare a wide range of brands and styles
  • Always try on the shoes and see how they feel as you walk around
  • Take note of any discomfort, such as rubbing around the heel or ankle, or excessive tightness
  • Be aware that the shape of your feet may not be suited to most women's shoes, and you might actually be better off with men's shoes
  • While it can be cheaper to buy shoes online, you should always try the exact same pair on your feet at an actual store before you click 'Buy now'

Features of Walking Shoes

The type of shoe you choose will depend on a range of factors, such as your size and weight, the speed at which you walk, the arch of your foot and the distances you walk. Different shoes will emphasize different features, such as:

  • Flexibility - this is important for walking, because your foot must roll and curve as you walk
  • Cushioning - the further you walk, the more important this is
  • Motion control and stability - shoes corrected for motion control support are important is your natural stride puts stress on joints or other body parts
  • Flat heels- the part of your foot that contacts the ground first when you walk is different from when you run, so walking shoes should have a flatter heel than running shoes

Women Walking Shoes: Brands to Consider

Find out more about women's Rockport walking shoes and New Balance women's walking shoes.

Try to keep our essential points in mind as you choose from the wide range of walking shoes for women.

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