How to Lose Menopause Belly Fat - Does This Book Have the Secret?

They say you can't judge a book by its cover and I freely admit that I was put off by the look of this ebook. Could there really be secrets that would help women over 40 to shift stubborn menopause belly fat in a book adorned with a set of ripped male abs?

I made it my business to find out, purchased The Truth About Abs and read it, cover to cover.

My verdict?

A definite YES! The author, certified trainer Mike Geary, has tested his methods on thousands of people, and they work on women just as well as on men

To see what I mean, you can scroll through this page which contains numerous testimonials from women of all ages, including a 40 year old and a 52 year old, who have used The Truth About Abs to lose weight and get toned..

So what's in this book, that can help you on your mission to flatter abs and help you get rid of that belly fat overhang once and for all?

My Review of The Truth About Abs

What I really like about this book, is its honesty. Losing weight that maybe took years to accumulate, and toning a flabby midriff, can't be done in seven days.

Nor is it any good just reading the book. You must make up your mind to act on it. Having the right attitude to success is half the battle.

That said, the rewards are terrific. Not only will you look more slender and toned, you'll be lowering your risk of developing a whole raft of diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. And you'll be setting up new fitness habits that will last a lifetime.

How To Eat Healthily And Lose Your Cravings

For me, one of the best things about Mike's approach is his take on healthy eating. Follow his recommendations and over time you won't crave junk food, in fact it'll start to be a real turn off. Mike hasn't craved the unhealthy foods he used to eat for more than 5 years, and never feels hungry.

Mike spends the first 50 pages of this 150-page book explaining in detail what to eat, and why. He details a delicious healthy diet, not as some kind of punishment you'll have to endure, but as way of nourishing yourself that's truly enjoyable.

With this book you can wise up on some little-known facts about nutrition that will shift your attitude to junk food once and for all. When you know what it's doing to you, you stop craving it, and start hankering for healthier foods instead.

Mike lists the good foods to eat, and the real villains which you must avoid if you want to have a lean and healthy body for the rest of your life.

He exposes the myths of low carb and low fat diets and gives masses of meal plans to make it easy to start eating healthy and losing weight, straight away.

Mike's Exercise Secrets for Flat Abs

The other strand of this holistic approach is exercise. And this is where Mike's years as a trainer, experimenting to refine and improve his results, really pay off.

The book shows you exactly which exercises you need to get your midriff in trim and lose the menopause belly fat. And no, it isn't one long round of sit-ups and crunches. You'll be surprised by the best the type of exercises - I certainly was. But when you understand the reasons why, which Mike explains in detail, it all makes sense.

The exercise section of the book is fantastic value, with clear photos of all the exercises (although I would love to have seen a slightly older woman than the female model in some of these), plus detailed explanations so that you can do the exercises at home or in the gym and know you're doing them properly.

Mike's book reveals every secret you need to eat and exercise right and shed that stomach flab. It's an ebook which is delivered instantly to your computer, so you can start reading immediately you purchase.

If you're ready to say 'Bye' to your menopause belly fat and 'Hi!' to a firm midsection, invest in your wellbeing and buy The Truth About Abs now. It has everything you need to get started right away.

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