Cost of Lap Band Surgery - What does Gastric Banding Cost?

What is the cost of lap band surgery? This can be a useful weight loss solution for some menopausal women.


Wherever you have your surgery, you often won't be paying a flat fee that covers everything. The total medical bill will be made up of various fees, including surgeon's fees and anaesthesia fees. The time you spend in the hospital recovering also has an effect on the cost.

There are long-term costs associated with gastric banding surgery. You will need regular doctor's visits for the rest of your life, which can cost several hundred dollars each. There is also the chance that you'll have to go "under the knife" again if the surgery is not successful the first time, which can cost thousands more dollars.

Cost of Lap Band Surgery - United States

Lap Band surgery costs in the US can be anywhere in the range of around $17,000 through to $30,000. Depending on how much you really need the surgery for the sake of your overall health, your medical bill may be partially or wholly paid by Medicare, Medicaid or your insurance provider - assuming you meet the eligibility requirements.

The cost of gastric banding surgery tends to be higher in the big cities. There's more demand for these procedures in cities like New York and Los Angeles, where doctors also have bigger overheads to cover for their practice, so they tend to charge more.

Cost of Lap Band Surgery - United Kingdom

Private lap band surgery in Britain costs around £4,000 to £8,000. When you look at the price, check what's included in the package. Although one of the major benefits of the lap band is its easy adjustability, every adjustment requires another doctor's appointment which can cost upwards of £150 . It's best to seek out a package deal which includes more than two post-surgery appointments

Cost of Lap Band Surgery - Abroad

Medical tourism is big business, and lap band surgery is relatively inexpensive in many lcountries. You can get more information here on obesity treatments abroad.

It could even make sense for an American to travel to Europe for gastric banding, where the cost of lap band surgery in some countries can be as low as $5,500.

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