Dangers of Liposuction - Risks and Complications of Liposuction Explained

What are the dangers of liposuction? The risks of liposuction complications are low, but you need to understand them before going ahead with this cosmetic treatment.


Are you wondering about trying liposuction to lose belly fat during menopause?

Liposuction complications are unusual and it's generally a safe procedure, but even so you really must wise up on the possible risks and complications before putting your precious body up for treatment.

The dangers of liposuction

Possible risks and complications of liposuction include:

  • As with any surgical procedure, there is a low risk attached to having an anaesthetic.
  • Infection of the wound where the tube is inserted.
  • This procedure should not be undergone by anyone who has a weak heart, conditions of the lungs or circulatory system or diabetes.
  • If fat enters the bloodstream during liposuction it could cause a fatal pulmonary embolism.
  • Other liposuction risks from surgery include damage to internal organs around the site of treatment which could need to be repaired surgically, also fluid injected into the body could build up on the lungs.
  • Numbness and loss of sensation around the treated area, which can last for some months.
  • Skin may not retract well, and you could be left with saggy skin particularly around the stomach. This is one of the greater liposuction risks in patients who are obese.
  • Sometimes the skin surface is left irregular and bumpy after treatment. Further surgery may be needed to make the area look smoother.
  • A few patients bruise especially badly which can be painful and take 4-6 weeks to heal - much longer liposuction recovery time than usual.
  • It may take up to 6 months for swelling to subside. Your ankles may also swell.
  • Although the results of stomach liposuction are permanent, the procedure won't stop you putting on more weight in future. You must switch to a healthier lifestyle, otherwise new fat deposits will accumulate in parts of the body which haven't been treated. You need to eat a healthy menopause diet and include suitable aerobic exercise program and strength training exercises in your routine to stay healthy through midlife and beyond.

How to reduce the dangers of liposuction

You can reduce the likelihood of liposuction complications by:

  • Making careful checks regarding the experience and track-record of the clinic and surgeon you're considering.
  • Visit for a consultation before you decide to go ahead. Ask plenty of questions and make sure you meet the surgeon who'll deal with your case.
  • Don't be too swayed by the 'before and after liposuction' shots you can see online. They are aimed at making you pay up for treatment, remember.
  • Find out as much as you can, talk to others who've had liposuction about their experiences.
  • Make sure you know how much liposuction recovery time you're likely to need, and can plan your life/work accordingly to give yourself sufficient time to recover.
  • Although it's important to know how much liposuction costs, don't let cost be the deciding factor. Find out all the facts before you make a decision.
  • Ask yourself why you are considering stomach liposuction. Make sure your expectations are grounded in reality, not just in terms of how your figure will improve, but the other results of the treatment. Liposuction can't create happy relationships, or make you feel good about yourself - for that, you need to look at deeper issues. Be realistic.
  • If you're in the midst of a stressful or hectic phase of life, save liposuction for a time when you have less to cope with.

This information is intended to help you understand fully the potential dangers of liposuction and the possible risks and complications of liposuction. Please remember that this site does not offer medical advice and any decision to undertake liposuction is your responsibility alone.

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