Google Pedometer - Use the GMaps Pedometer to Measure Distance for Exercise

The Google Pedometer gives you detailed routes and shows you how far you've walked or run.

A handy free tool, the Google Gmap Pedometer can calculate distances and lets you map detailed routes using street maps or satellite shots. Particularly useful if you are starting on a program to lose weight by walking.

  • The default map is of the USA, or you can select UK, China or Japan using 'more options'. No other countries are available at present.
  • Type in the name of your location to start.
  • Click on the map at points along your route to measure the distance you'll cover.
  • You can see your route as a map, a satellite shot, or a hybrid combination of the two.
  • Your route can be measured in miles or kilometres.
  • Save or print your route.
Gmaps Pedometer


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