How To Lose Stomach Fat

Here's how to lose stomach fat that piles on after menopause - find out how to flatten your stomach.


Have you noticed fat appearing around your midriff, now that you're in the midst of menopause?

It takes determination to shift stubborn stomach fat. These are the keys to keeping a trim waistline:

How To Lose Stomach Fat: Have a Healthy Diet

Eat healthily to lose stomach fat
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Stay off reducing diets - they make your metabolism go haywire, and any weight lost is almost always regained.

Eat a healthy diet of fresh foods, simply prepared. Have plenty of vegetables and fruit, lean proteins, wholegrains, pulses and seeds. Drink water. Cut out junk food.

Make the change to healthier eating gradually and you'll find it much easier. Try new foods and new recipes and let your palate adjust to fresher, less sweet flavours.

As you get more used to eating fresh foods, you'll find the fatty, sweet/salty taste and texture of junk foods becomes less and less appetising.

How To Get a Flat Stomach: Exercise

Introducing a healthy diet is a great first step when you're wondering how to flatten your stomach. But healthy food by itself can't help you fight the flab. To do that effectively, you need exercise.

Getting a trimmer tummy isn't just a matter of doing hundreds of sit-ups or ab crunches. Spot reduction simply doesn't work, so you need to tackle tummy fat by losing weight all over with an aerobic exercise program, which includes different types of aerobic exercise and at the same time get to work on your abdominal muscles with strength training exercises.

How to Lose Stomach Fat: Lower Your Stress

What's being under stress got to do with having a podgy tum? More than you think, because when you're uptight and anxious your body produces the hormone cortisol, which in turn prompts your body to hang on to fat and store it around your midriff.

Even if you're not consciously feeling stressed, if you're a woman who is going through the menopause, you could find the symptoms of stress look very like some of the menopause signs.

Take steps to reduce stress in your life, pay attention to your diet and make it a habit to include regular exercise in your life. That's how to lose stomach fat.

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