Mini Trampoline Workout - Rebounder Exercises are Fun

A mini trampoline workout is a safe way for midlife women to exercise - and it's fun!


Sometimes called rebounding, mini trampoline exercises are simple, fun and gentle on your joints.

Worry not, you won't be called upon to somersault high in the air! Using a mini trampoline is all about keeping your movements small and under control.

Your rebounder will come complete with a support bar you can hold on to if you feel at all unsteady. Bouncing makes you feel light and free - try it!

Mini Trampoline Workout: Health Benefits

A mini trampoline or rebounder
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Working on a rebounder has no impact on your joints, which is a great advantage for ladies who are starting to feel a few creaks in the knees.

This makes it a good exercise if you have any kind of injury, as it's much kinder to your joints than pounding along a hard surface like pavement or treadmill.

Other health benefits of mini trampoline are:

  • Excellent cardiovascular exercise, improving condition of heart, lungs and circulation
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Improves lymph drainage and boosts immune system
  • Good for muscle tone in legs, hips, butt, arms and abdomen
  • Enhances sense of balance and co-ordination
  • Helps relieve stress - a real boon if you have a full-on midlife schedule
  • Lifts mood and can help relieve mild menopause depression - there's something inherently funny about bouncing! Try doing it to music for an even better mood boost.
  • Because rebounding is a zero-impact exercise, it will not help to build bone strength or prevent osteoporosis. For that, you need exercises for osteoporosis

As well as these positive effects on your health, a folding mini trampoline is easy to store and can be erected quickly whenever you want to workout - in front of the TV, for instance. Anyone in your household, from children to the elderly, as well as people with physical disabilities can use a rebounder.

Exercise Safely on a Mini Trampoline

If you have existing health issues which could be affected by using a mini trampoline, check with your physician before beginning any rebounder exercises.

Warm up every time before you start exercising more vigorously. Bounce for a couple of minutes without lifting your feet from the trampoline. See our notes on warm ups and safe exercise.

Do a minute or more slower bouncing at the end of your session to cool down.

Make sure you have enough room to exercise safely. Stand on the trampoline and stretch your arms above your head. Your hands shouldn't touch the ceiling.

Take off any jewellery that could get caught on the trampoline - necklace, rings, watch.

Check every time that your mini trampoline is properly assembled and is on a flat surface.

Invest in a good quality mini trampoline. Cheaper models can have a trampoline bed that's too soft and springy, which is bad for your feet and ankles.

Your feet will get better support if you wear exercise shoes.

And finally, ladies, remember to empty your bladder before bouncing.

Mini Trampoline Workout: Rebounder Exercises

One of the great things about a mini trampoline is that you don't need to follow a set routine of exercises. Simply climb aboard and bounce, jog or dance. If you do half an hour's exercise, you'll burn between 100-280 kcal (depending on your body weight, and the amount of effort you put into your workout).

Even 10 minutes is worth doing - try having a bounce in the ad breaks on TV every night for a week, and you'll start to feel a difference.

To add variety to your mini trampoline exercises, try some of these variations:

  • Basic Bounce Knees slightly bent, hands on hips, start bouncing up and down. Make the exercise harder by bouncing higher.
  • Twist Twist your lower body to left and right from the waist while you're in the air. Up the speed to make it harder.
  • Jumping Jacks Start with feet together and as you jump extend legs and arms into a star-jump, bring them back in to your body as you land.
  • Power Jumps Start on the floor beside the trampoline, legs together, and jump with both feet on to the trampoline and off again. Keep it up for 30-60 seconds.

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Double the benefit - with laughter

Bouncing on the rebounder can make you giggle - and research done by Californian Dr Lee Berk has shown that laughing has a effects similarto a bout of physical exercise, in improving mood, lowering stress hormones, cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and boosting the immune system.

Get bouncing, get laughing - and get the double whammy!


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