Osteoporosis Risk Factors - Lower Your Chances of Developing Osteoporosis Post-Menopause

Do you have osteoporosis risk factors? Find out if you need to take extra steps to keep your bones healthy in later life.


As a woman, you're more likely to develop osteoporosis, the condition which weakens bones and makes them more likely to break, than a man of the same age.

Why? Because the hormone oestrogen helps bones to stay healthy and renew themselves - and when you've been through the menopause, your estrogen supplies dwindle, leaving you with a one-in-three chance of having osteoporosis by the time you're 65.

Are You At Risk of Developing Osteoporosis?

Smoking increases your risk of developing osteoporosis

For most women, the risk of developing osteoporosis doesn't start to rise until they've had the menopause. There are specific risk factors for osteoporosis after premature menopause.

You are at greater risk of developing osteoporosis if you:

  • have a close family member is an osteoporosis sufferer
  • had the menopause before 45, for instance if you had a hysterectomy and your ovaries were removed
  • ever broke a bone after a minor fall (a break like this suggests that you already have osteoporosis)
  • have had a prolonged period of bed rest or inactivity
  • seldom or never exercise
  • don't have a healthy menopause diet and lack sufficient calcium and Vitamin D
  • are seriously underweight (BMI less than 19)
  • have one of various conditions which affect bone health, such as coeliac disease and overactive thryoid
  • have had a phase of six months or more without menustruating before you entered the menopause
  • smoke or drink heavily

If you identify with any of these osteoporosis risk factors, you may be able to take steps to improve your bone health - see how to prevent osteoporosis.

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Why Take Osteoporosis Seriously?

"If you have osteoporosis, the force of a simple fall to the ground is often enough to fracture a bone...A fractured bone in an older person can be serious. For example, about half the people who have a hip fracture are unable to live independently afterwards. "

From: www.patient.co.uk


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