Running - The Health Benefits for Women over 40

Running - the health benefits for women over 40 are too good to for you to turn your back on this form of exercise.


Running regularly is very good for your health, both physical and especially mental. That's why it's such a great type of aerobic exercise.

Don't think that because you're a woman over 40, and maybe in the midst of menopause, that running isn't for you. Women of all ages, sizes and shapes enjoy getting their running shoes on and going for a run. If you've never run before, check out our tips on running for beginners and get started.

Running Health Benefits

Health benefits of running
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Because running is a vigorous form of exercise, it gives your body a great workout which is very good for your overall wellbeing. Here are some of the main benefits to your health of running:

- Improves your immune system so you're less likely to succumb to day to day ailments, like the common cold.

- Very good for cardiovascular health. Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, helps protect against heart attacks and strokes.

- Boosts your overall fitness and gives you more energy and stamina.

- Running can help you lose weight because it burns a lot of energy.

- Slows down the body's ageing process by slowing the rate at which you lose bone and muscle density. Helps prevent osteoporosis and, by building muscle which burns energy more efficiently than fat, helps you lose menopausal belly fat.

- Running can help with mild depression, and there is evidence to show that it can lift your mood and give you a profound sense of satisfaction when you complete a run.

- Running can help relieve insomnia in menopause, and is also useful for tackling anxiety during menopause.

- Run regularly, especially over varied terrain, and your co-ordination will improve as your body learns to stop you from stumbling and keep you moving evenly over a range of different surfaces.

- Joining a running club or running for charity are great ways to socialise, which in turn can help to relieve the effects of stress and improve your state of mind.

That's an amazing range of running health benefits, which make it well worth giving this form of exercise a try.

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