Breasts getting bigger during menopause

by Janet

I had a hysterectomy 11 years ago and now I am going through menapause. I am very concerned as my breasts are getting larger and larger. My neighbour said I can get tablets to shrink them. is that wise?

I don't eat a lot either and my shape is changing. Hot flushes are bad as I go bright red too.




Dear Janet

Thanks for your email.

Around 15% of women find that their breasts get bigger around the time of the menopause. It's all to do with the way your body is reacting to changes in hormones. Our bodies change the way they store fat in the menopause, and some of the excess is stored in the belly area and sometimes in the breasts. So, if you've put on weight recently you might find that the pounds have gone on to your breasts instead of another part of your body.

I wouldn't advise you to take pills, but to stick to a healthy diet with no junk food and make sure you get enough exercise. Have a chat with your GP just to make sure that there are no underlying problems. He or she will also be able to advise you on treatments for hot flushes.

best wishes

Thank you so much for your email as I sighed a big sigh of relief as I thought something was wrong with me. I suppose I should be grateful as many women are paying a lot of money to increase their busts. I am now a 38DD and I think I must be around a 40 bust now!!!

Do hormones eventually calm down.?

I am going to start exercise classes again.

Once again, many thanks. Janet

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