Fold Up Treadmill - Buy a Portable Treadmill

Is a fold up treadmill right for you? Save space and get fit with a compact portable treadmill


If there's just no place in your home to put a big piece of exercise equipment, a compact portable treadmill may be the answer.

Having a treadmill in your home can be a great way for you to make sure that you stick to your workout schedule. To beat menopausal weight gain you must take regular aerobic exercise - and owning a treadmill can help.

Traditional treadmills can be quite large; some models take up the same amount of space as a regular size twin bed. This isn't a problem if you have plenty of space, or even an extra room, in your home. But what do you do if your house or apartment is a little more crowded or cramped?

You should consider a fold up treadmill. There is a big range of models available, so it's likely that whatever your budget, and whatever your needs as far as features, there will be at least a few models for you to choose from.

Advantages of compact treadmills

The biggest advantage of a folding treadmill, and other portable treadmills, is that you can fold them to a smaller size and stash them out of the way when you're not exercising. Usually this is accomplished through a folding mechanism that's located where the running surface connects to the upright section that includes the handholds and the electronics display. Sometimes the running surface folds up towards the display, and sometimes the handholds and display fold down towards the running surface.

Many of these models also have wheels on the bottom so that after you fold them up, you can move them easily. So if you use your treadmill in your bedroom, you can fold it down and store it underneath your bed between workouts. Some of these fold up models are also narrow enough for you to store in a spare closet.

Treadmill models where the deck folds up towards the display, but which don't have wheels, are often times more stable and sturdy than the "fold flat" models that are meant to be stored under a bed or in a closet. Make sure to always check the manufacturer's recommendations for suggested user weight, and usage type. Some small treadmills are intended for lighter users, or to be used more for fitness walking than prolonged running workouts.

When you can to have your treadmill available in rooms where you like to work out, you're more likely to use it. If a treadmill is so large and cumbersome that you're forced to keep it in the basement or the garage, then it's entirely possible that you'll avoid your workouts.

Having a fold up treadmill that you can keep practically anywhere in your house can be a great solution for keeping your workout plan on track.

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