Buying a Small Treadmill - What to Look For

Looking for a small treadmill? Everything you need to know about choosing and buying compact treadmills.


For many of us, the primary consideration when selecting a treadmill is space. Perhaps you don't have an extra room or even the extra space in any of the rooms in your home or apartment to dedicate to a treadmill that's almost as big as your sofa. For those space-conscious shoppers, it's worth considering the purchase of a mini treadmill.

Small or compact treadmills are smaller than the full-sized models you'd likely find at your local health club. Some of these are also fold up treadmills, so they further minimize the space they take up when not in use, but not all compact treadmills fold.

If you only have a small corner of a bedroom to dedicate to your exercise equipment, a little treadmill can be a great fit for your needs. There's a wide variety of small treadmills on the market, with plenty of available options, in just about every combination imaginable.

There are small treadmills with built-in wireless heart rate monitors, and advanced electronics and displays, including pre-programmed workouts. Regardless of what features are on your wish list, there's likely to be a few different small treadmill options out there.

As an added advantage, these kinds of treadmills come fully assembled, so you can use them right out of the box. Sometimes larger treadmills require that you attach the support arms, assemble the display, and sometimes even run the display wiring through the internal parts of the treadmill.

Try out a compact treadmill

If possible, you should try out a small machine by walking or jogging on it for a bit before you purchase. Some people are not comfortable with a walking surface that is shorter and narrower than full-sized treadmill models. Taller people often are not entirely comfortable on the smallest of the compact treadmills. If you're interested in incline treadmills, you'll probably need to look for a larger model.

In addition, one of the ways that a manufacturer can make a treadmill smaller is to use a smaller motor. This generally means that a smaller treadmill isn't suitable for someone who's going to do a lot of running, or for heavier individuals. Most treadmills have a recommended maximum weight for a user, so pay attention to this number when you're compiling your list of top treadmills to consider.

You may find that smaller treadmills are the least expensive treadmill option available, and you'll do even better on price if you decide to buy a used treadmill. This is reassuring if you're buying indoor exercise equipment for the first time, and aren't certain that it's something you'll stick with for the long term.

If it matches with your indoor workout needs, a small treadmill may be your best option.

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