Free Gastric Bypass Surgery - Low Cost Gastric Bypass

Free gastric bypass surgery that has been in the news as of late in the UK, the US, and much of the world. But is it ever possible to get weight loss surgery at no cost?


With obesity on the rise as well as an explosion in the number of often life-threatening health conditions that are the direct result of excess weight, making cheap gastric bypass available to more people is a hot topic.

Free Gastric Bypass Surgery in the UK

According to the Department of Health, obesity costs the NHS £4.3bn a year, which is why surgeons are now lobbying for an increase in the numbers of people who are eligible for free gastric bypass surgery on the NHS.

Other treatments, like healthier diet and exercise to lose weight should always be tried first, but in cases where there are no further alternatives, argue doctors, it would make financial sense for the country, as well as health sense for the individual, to offer bariatric surgery for no cost.

Health insurance companies are now beginning to consider offering better coverage for the cost of gastric bypass than ever before. And, with all of the statistics pointing to a huge savings in medical care for our governments; free gastric bypass for those who need it just may eventually be on offer for those living in the UK.

Free Gastric Bypass Surgery in the US

With the US topping the charts as one of the nations with the highest number of obese people, it's no surprise that more insurance companies are offering coverage for at least a portion of gastric bypass. Having your surgery and treatment covered by your insurance company is sometimes possible and depends on the coverage that you've been paying for as well as your specific case according to the doctors involved.

Even if your insurance company does not offer coverage for weight loss surgeries and treatments, your doctor may be able to help you in petitioning your insurance provider if your BMI (Body Mass Index) indicates that you are dangerously obese.

A BMI of 40 or more is considered extremely unhealthy and puts you at much greater risk of serious medical problems and even death. Speaking to your insurance company as well as your doctor about your options for free gastric bypass surgery in this situation is important in order to know where you stand and how to proceed.

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