Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery - Is It the Right Weight Loss Surgery for You?

Mini gastric bypass surgery is a quick procedure which takes about 30 minutes and only requires a short hospital stay.


What Is Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery?

It works just like Roux en Y gastric bypass. The surgeon makes a smaller stomach and bypasses some of the intestine, so you can eat only small amounts, and less of the food is absorbed into your body.

With a mini bypass, the surgeon bypasses the intestine in one place, not two as in a standard bypass operation.

One possible complication is that digestive juices can reflux into the new stomach pouch which could cause discomfort or even painful ulceration.

Your surgeon will help you decide which type of surgery to have, based on your medical history among other factors.

The cost of a gastric bypass is always a consideration, and a mini bypass will be cheaper than a roux en y procedure. It is done laparoscopically which means it's less invasive with no large wound to heal, and is a quicker procedure.

Does Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery Work?

Research carried out by the Department of Surgery, En-Chu Kong Hospital and School of Nursing, and National Taiwan University, Taiwan, compared mini surgery with the standard roux en y procedure.

Both types of surgery were successful. Patients lost substantial amounts of weight and their quality of life was improved. Mini bypass was shown to be simpler to perform and safer for the patient, and the weight loss results at 1 and 2 years after surgery were as good as those for the more invasive operation.

If you're considering weight loss surgery as a solution for menopausal midlife weight gain, you should certainly explore mini gastric bypass surgery with your physician.

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