How can you lower your cholesterol levels during and after menopause?

by Elizabeth
(Beat Menopause Weight Gain)

In the year before and after a woman's last period, new research from the University of Pittsburgh shows that her levels of 'bad' or LDL cholesterol can show a noticeable increase. This rise could be linked with the fall in oestrogen that happens in the body around the time of menopause.

Whatever the reason, women need to take action. It's already an established fact that estrogen helps to protect the heart, so that when your estrogen levels fall, you become more at risk of heart disease.

Raised cholesterol levels are another indicator for heart disease, so to protect longterm health, it's important to take measures to reduce raised cholesterol and improve your fitness. This is what to do:

Ask your doctor for a blood test to measure your cholesterol. LDL levels should ideally be below 100, and absolutely no higher than 130.

At the same time, have your blood pressure checked. 120/80 is the reading to aim for.

Eat a menopause diet that's rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and lean sources of protein. Cut right down on saturated fats, sugars and refined carbohydrates.

Try to get half an hour of aerobic exercise daily - brisk walking, cycling, swimming, or any other activity that gets your body moving and raises your heart rate.

Give up smoking.

These are the best, drug-free ways to keep your heart healthy and lower your cholesterol levels after the menopause.

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