New Balance Women's Walking Shoes

New Balance women's walking shoes are a popular brand choice associated with affordability and quality. Let's look at some of the shoes offered by New Balance and how they stand out in the women's market.


New Balance Women's Shoes: How They Measure Up

While the New Balance range is a little limited when it comes to women's walking shoes, their options may well meet your needs if you're planning to start walking in a bid to tackle menopausal weight gain.

New Balance shoes emphasize stability, comfort and cushioning. Their walking shoes include the Walking Strike Path technology, which helps with stability as your foot rolls through each step.

New Balance also produce a waterproof trail shoe for women, the 1110GT. Although it's a running shoe, it may still be appropriate for walking if wear and tear from the elements is a problem.

New Balance 760

The 760 is designed as a kind of synthesis of a running shoe and a walking shoe. It's lightweight like a runner, while still providing the necessary cushioning and motion control for smooth walking. The shoe features New Balance's N-ERGY technology for extra heel cushioning and shock absorption. This is a good choice is you want a lightweight shoe, but you don't want to give up all the safety and comfort features of a heavier walking shoe.

New Balance 575

The 575 is not quite as feature-laden as the 575 - it's the lower budget option for New Balance women's walking shoes, but it still gets the job done. Again, this is a lightweight alternative to heavier walking shoes, but it lacks some of the cushioning and support features of the 760.

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