Women's Rockport Walking Shoes

Women's Rockport walking shoes provide choices that emphasize comfort and practical design.


Rockport are also very conscious of making sure their walking shoes look good - there's no reason sensible walking shoes should have to be unattractive. With the wide range of designs offered by Rockport, you're likely to find something that looks every bit as good as it feels.

Types of Women's Rockport Shoes

The women's Marta is one option provided by Rockport. The clever design of this shoe allows air to filter in under the foot with each step, creating a natural cushioning effect and providing good breathability for your feet. If you're using exercise to combat osteoporosis in midlife, or have any issues with your knees or ankles, joint care has to be high on the agenda, so cushioning is important.

Another good choice is the Prowalker Oxford, which is available in an ever-tempting red. It includes the Walk Platform, a design Rockport came up with specifically for walking shoes. It reflects the natural movement of the foot as you walk, providing a wide base of support for the heel (which impacts the ground first when walking).

It also provides greater flexibility in the front half of the shoe (so the toes and front foot can roll easily). The soles are solid rubber, providing extra shock absorption. A really comfortable solution as you start your midlife walking strategy.

Rockport Innovations

One of the other interesting points about women's Rockport walking shoes is that this company produces a machine washable walking shoe for women. The Faisel is perfect if you're big on cleanliness and breathability. This shoe also comes with a foam chamber which helps to create air cushioning as you take a step.

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