The Nordic Track c2000 Treadmill - Special Features and Specifications

The Nordic Track c2000 Treadmill is one of the most affordable products on the market offering highly customizable workouts.

The easy-to-use interface that's built into this machine makes it a great starting point in the battle against menopausal weight gain.


Here are some of the impressive specifications of this treadmill:

  • A two-year warranty covering parts and labor
  • A built-in heart rate monitor which helps you maintain your workout at exactly the right level of intensity
  • Adjustable cushioning technology that allows you to shave 25% off the impact to your joints you'd otherwise suffer from running on the road. Useful if you have problems with hip, knee or ankle joints.
  • One-touch incline adjustment, allowing you to instantly and effortlessly change the tilt of the treadmill
  • One-touch speed adjustment, allowing you to pin-point your settings at the right speed for you
  • A 2.0 HP motor
  • A weight capacity of 297 pounds (135 kilograms)
  • A 50 cm by 140cm tread belt (roughly 1'7" by 4'7"), catering for tall runners and those with a wide running stance

Special Features

You can read more about other Nordic Track Treadmills here. In addition to these standard specifications, the Nordic Track c2000 treadmill also comes with these useful extras:

  • iFit workout card capabilities - these cards give you easy control over the details of your workouts such as the incline and pace, as well as providing spoken encouragement and directions
  • A port for plugging in an iPod or mp3 player
  • An almost one-foot high Grafixx display which allows for an advanced visual guide through your workout
  • 15 built-in workouts designed to mimic the effects of having a personal trainer
  • SpaceSaver technology for easy compact storage

Find out more about how to buy a used treadmill. Overall, the Nordic Track c2000 treadmill provides all the necessary requirements for a successful weight loss campaign, during and after menopause.

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