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Want to buy a used treadmill? Here's how to find cheap treadmills in great condition.


Owning a treadmill can help you do enough exercise to keep yourself in shape throughout menopause, and get on top of that menopausal weight gain.

In many ways, the convenience and safety of a good home treadmill just can't be beaten. One of the big decisions you'll be faced with when you decide to purchase, is whether you want to buy a used treadmill, or a new piece of equipment.

Buying a new treadmill has a certain appeal. It's always nice to have brand new things, and having a new product warranty can give you added peace of mind against any mechanical problems that may occur during the first year or two that you own it. In addition, most stores have delivery and shipping options, which make getting the treadmill to your home hassle-free.

But there are downsides to buying new treadmills. Sometimes you will need to do some assembly before use, and occasionally the assembly process can be a bit complicated. In addition, if you're not completely sure how much you'll be using the treadmill over time, or what features will be most important to you, it's tough to commit to spending several thousand dollars for a new product.

Find the best price treadmill

And that's where it can pay off to buy a used treadmill instead. There are a number of different places that you can buy used treadmills. In the United States, many cities have stores that focus on selling used sporting goods equipment, and they usually have a number of treadmills in stock. Play It Again Sports is a popular franchise that has a number of locations nationwide.

One advantage of buying from a used sporting goods store is that these stores generally test their equipment before selling it, so that you can be sure that you're getting a quality piece of equipment. In addition, these stores often have 30 or 90 day money-back guarantees on their equipment, just in case a problem develops soon after you buy your treadmill.

When you find a treadmill model that you're interested in, do a little research and ask the store staff about the availability of replacement parts. In a year or two you might find it necessary to do some maintenance on your treadmill. If it's a particularly old model, you might not be able to fix it when something breaks down, and you'll be forced to buy a replacement.

You can also search the online classified ads (like Craigslist) in your area, and be on the lookout for local garage sales. Many times you can find some great deals here. Some people buy treadmills with the best of intentions, but then find that for whatever reason they just don't use them. Just make sure that you're given the opportunity to turn the machine on and try it out before you buy it, so that you can make sure that it works!

In all of these situations, it's best to do your homework and decide what features are most important to you. You might want a small treadmill, a fold-up treadmill or a model that has a built-in incline. When you know what you're looking for, you'll find that you can save yourself a lot of money when you buy a used treadmill.

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